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Our games must be reserved by phone or in person. Once you have decided which games interest you, please call us at 302-227-RENT (7368) to reserve. Most of our inflatable games are easily set by one person. However, due to the size and weight of some of our games, we do recommend you bring a van or truck when picking up the games.

Please check the product information for the games you are reserving. This information will give you the dimensions of the game as well as the electrical requirements for the blowers.

New for 2015: Movie Night outdoor theater system, Water Cage Challenge, Water Dodgeball and Fire & Ice two story water slide.

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Movie Night
Daily: $225.00

New for 2015! Ditch the movie theater for your own back yard. Our Movie Night system gives you everything needed to host a spectacular outdoor big screen presentation of your own. Easy and quick set up. All you need to supply is the movie and snacks.

Please watch the installation video (below) for easy to follow set up instructions.

Learn More

Strike a Light, reaction game
Daily: $195.00

This game caters to every age! Speed, accuracy, and head-to-head competition make this high energy game a true winner. Hold a tournament to see who has the fastest hands in town with the most incredibly addicting game in our inventory. Strike a Light is sure to draw a crowd at any event or venue. Meet our 3 year old grandson, Flynn, who challenged his Daddy and won (with some help)! Learn More

Corn Hole Game
Daily: $15.00

Pair of corn hole game boards with 8 bags.

Learn More

Monster Blast, table top game
Daily: $35.00
Monster Blast table top game.

Learn More

Leaping Lizards, table top game
Daily: $35.00
Leaping Lizards table top game.

Learn More

King of the Hill, table top game
Daily: $35.00

Become the king of the hill in this exciting game of skill and determination! Roll the three balls up the hill to land in one of the five holes, but take note, it’s not as easy as it looks!

Learn More

Table, childs
Daily: $6.00
It is a lot more fun to take a seat at a table created just for you. These 6 foot long tables are durable enough to take the rough and tumble at any child's party Great for making crafts and eating too! Learn More

Chair, child's folding
Daily: $0.65
Colorful child's folding chairs. Just the right size for your little one's party. Assorted colors Learn More

Spin art
Daily: $45.00

Just like on the boardwalk!! Easy set-up, put it on a table and plug it in. We also have all the accessories needed for those inspiring artists.

Learn More

Bounce House
Daily: $95.00

We all know that children love to play and have fun. If you are looking for fun at an affordable price, this is for you. Same quality, but only one activity which is bouncing. .

Learn More

Jasmine's Bounce Castle
Daily: $110.00

Jasmine's colorful bounce castle is pink and purple. Your little girl and all her friends will feel like princesses for a day!

Learn More

Piper's Disney Friends bounce house
Daily: $110.00
What's better than Disney magic? The entire cast of characters is here, from Dumbo and Tigger, to the Princesses and Pinocchio, not to mention Mickey and all his closest friends. This bounce house has a character for everyone! Learn More

Tiger Belly bounce house
Daily: $110.00
Ever want to bounce on the belly of a tiger? Well, now you can and the tiger doesn't mind. But be careful, he is a bit ticklish! This is a large bounce house and works great for large parties so kids don't have to wait their turn.
Learn More

Crayon Playland combo
Daily: $150.00
3 times the fun of a bounce house! Crayon Playland is perfect for use during the winter season, but can be used anytime! It is sized for indoor usage. This is designed to fit into any small space. It will fit inside homes, garages, carports, basements, childcare centers and any other confined area. Mother Nature can't put a damper on this fun!! Learn More

Fiona's Fairytale Castle combo
Daily: $175.00
One of our most popular inflatables, Fiona's Castle is 4 times the fun of a bounce house! Our combo unit allows kids to bounce, climb, slide and shoot. This has a bounce area, a basketball hoop, steps to climb and a 13' slide with a 50 degree sliding angle. The entire unit is enclosed on the top with a mesh cover. This prevents kids from climbing out. It is also designed so that kids cannot stand up and jump off at the top of the slide preventing any unnecessary accidents. Learn More

Robbie's All Star Arena combo
Daily: $175.00
4 times the fun of a bounce house. Bounce, climb, slide and shoot! Just what every little guy wants to do. Robbie's All Star Arena includes a bounce area, stairs that climb to a 13' slide with a 50 degree sliding angle and a basketball hoop.
The footprint is 15' x 15' Learn More

Wizard's Castle combo
Daily: $175.00
This is the boys' version of Fiona's Fairytale Castle, one of our most requested bounce houses. Wizard's castle combo is 4 times the fun of a bounce house!  This is front loading so you can supervise the entire castle from the front of the unit.  Footprint is 15' x 15' and can easily be set up by one person. Learn More

Frozen Combo with slide
Daily: $175.00
Anna and Elsa are reunited and waiting to join your party! Bounce inside, play basketball, climb the steps and slide. Learn More

Grayce's Palace combo
Daily: $175.00

If you have a princess, this brightly colored combo is just right for her party! Bounce, climb and slide! Learn More

Blackbeard's Pirate Ship combo
Daily: $175.00

Buccaneers get ready to help the famous pirate successfully command his ship on the high seas. Bounce, climb and slide. This is a fantastic inflatable for Halloween parties. Learn More

Castle Combo
Daily: $175.00

Kids will love the real sense of adventure of being in a castle combo bounce house. They can do various types of activity in this 3 in 1 bouncer. They can jump, climb and slide inside our castle combo. Learn More

Shooting Stars Basketball
Daily: $175.00

This competitive inflatable basketball game will attract bballers of any age. Shooting Stars has participants offering up their best shots in this dueling basketball game unlike any other. Each player can engage in a crossover shooting action as they try to make baskets, and as the ball returns from each shot it returns to the opponent's lane. The first player to get rid of all their basketballs rules the court. Learn More

Dunk Tank
Daily: $180.00
Your favorite (or not so favorite) person is sitting up on the perch waiting to be dunked. A hit and a splash or a miss and a boo. The dunk tank is great for any party. Our tanks do not have windows. Learn More

Water Dodgeball
Daily: $180.00

New for 2015! Water Dodgeball is new and exciting for up to six players. Throw the balls to hit the three targets and blast the people in the spray zone, which is behind the targets. The unlucky people in the spray zone dodge to avoid getting soaked. Super fun for kids and adults. Fun, safe and exciting. Click 'learn more' for more photos. Learn More

Big Splash, wheeled dunker
Daily: $95.00

This is the little sister to our dunk tanks, but just as much fun. Big Splash creates loads of fun and anticipation for those watching. Anyone who can sit under the bucket can participate. A perfect fund raiser. Imagine the pastor, teacher, coach, police officer and of course parents. Portable, easy to use. Learn More

Animal Kingdom obstacle course
For Sale:
Daily: $200.00

Toddlers will go wild as pink and blue elephants welcome them into this activity filled inflated play area. Inside are a mini slide, pop up animals and logs to climb on. Plus they will encounter colorful lions, zebras, giraffes, monkeys and pandas. Clear vinyl sides allow parents to watch all the animal action inside. Learn More

Zip It 50' obstacle course
Daily: $275.00

Dual lanes for side by side fun. Enter the bulls eye and zip through the bumpers and mushrooms before climbing up the steps and down the slide. Zip through the gate, enter an even taller slide, then zip down to the finish line. This is one of our most popular inflatables. Color schemes vary. Learn More

Flynn's Little Surf 13' water slide
Daily: $225.00
Flynn's Little Surf is for the younger brothers and sisters that are too small to use our larger slides. It is 13 foot high and can be used either as a wet or dry slide, but is most popular used as a wet slide. Our three year old grandson, Flynn, is happy to climb, slide and bounce! Learn More

Freaky Frog 18' water slide w/pool or landing
Daily: $300.00

Freaky Frog is the same water slide as Tropical Splash and may be used wet or dry. This 18 foot slide when used wet has a water mister at the top and a 10' pool at the bottom. For younger children who cannot yet swim, Freaky Frog can be requested with a 15' air mattress landing at the bottom instead of the pool. It is shown here with the pool, but can be viewed with the air mattress if you click "learn more". Learn More

Tropical Splash 18' water slide w/pool
Daily: $300.00
18' slide with a 10' pool. Misting system keeps the slide wet. Great fun in the summer, but can be used without the pool in the cooler seasons. Learn More

Double Funnel Tunnel 18' slide w/pool
Daily: $300.00

No need to decide who gets to go first on this slide! Two separate lanes allow the kids to slide down side by side. The misting system keeps the slide wet for the ultimate in fun. This can also be used without the misting system during cooler weather. Learn More

Fire & Ice two story 20' water slide
Daily: $350.00

New for 2015! Introducing our first two story water slide that lets kids decide which height they prefer. Climb the ladder and stop at the first platform or continue 3 1/2 feet higher and slide down from there. No matter which they choose, they end up whipping around the turn and splashing into a pool of water. This may also be requested without the pool for an awesome dry slide! Learn More

Daily: $12.00

Wind dancer
Daily: $50.00
20 ft. tall single leg wind dancer Learn More

Dance floor,all weather 4 x 4ft.
Daily: $25.00
Portable 4 x 4 ft. panels of dance floor that can be used indoors or outdoors. Learn More

Raffle drum
Daily: $15.00

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