Our games must be reserved by phone or in person. Once you have decided which games interest you, please call us at 302-227-RENT (7368) to reserve.

Please check the product information for the games you are reserving.

Raffle drum

Daily Rate: $15

Ring Toss table game

Kids of all ages will enjoy our classic Ring Toss game. The goal is simple: toss the rings to land around as many bottles as you can!

Daily Rate: $35.00

Slingshot table top game

Get the pucks to your opponent’s side! Be quick and sling your way to a victory!

Daily Rate: $40.00

Spin art

Just like on the boardwalk!! Easy set-up, put it on a table and plug it in. We also have all the accessories needed for those inspiring artists.

Daily Rate: $45

Spinning wheel

Daily Rate: $25

Strike Zone, bowling table top game.

Strike Zone bowling table top game. 

Daily Rate: $35

Table, childs

It is a lot more fun to take a seat at a table created just for you. These 6 foot long tables are durable enough to take the rough and tumble at any child’s party Great for making crafts and eating too!

Daily Rate: $6

Whip & Skip table top game

Whip & Skip table game. 

Daily Rate: $35

Wind dancer

20 ft. tall single leg wind dancer

Daily Rate: $50