Lawn & Garden

Loader, compact utility Multi-purpose attachment

Attachment with 3 heavy duty ripping teeth or lifting arm.

Daily Rate: $35
Weekly Rate: $100

Loader, compact utility Push blade attachment with hyd. angle

44″ wide push blade w/hyd. angle

Loader, compact utility Trencher attachment

Trencher attachment for compact utility loader.

Daily Rate: $100
Weekly Rate: $400

Log splitter, (hor. or vert.)

34 ton horz./vert. log splitter.

Daily Rate: $75
Weekly Rate: $275


Self-propelled walk behind overseeder.

Daily Rate: $115

Post hole auger, handheld, gas.

Gas handheld 1 man post hole auger.

Daily Rate: $65

Post hole auger, manual

Daily Rate: $10
Weekly Rate: $40

Post hole auger, one man (gas)

Towable, easy to use gas auger. Drill holes 8″ to 16″ in diameter.

Daily Rate: $80
Weekly Rate: $295

Sod Cutter

Sod cutter 12″ in width

Daily Rate: $85

Sod Cutter, hyd. drive

Sod cutter 18″

Daily Rate: $245

Stumpgrinder (all hydraulic)

All hydraulic self propelled stump grinder. Vermeer model 362

Daily Rate: $230.00
Weekly Rate: $695.00


Daily Rate: $50

Tiller, flower bed/loose soil

Flower bed tiller. Great for loose soil, mulch, etc.

Daily Rate: $40

Tiller, large (rear tine)

Rear tine self-propelled tiller

Daily Rate: $75
Weekly Rate: $275

Tiller, med. mid tine

18″ med. duty tiller

Daily Rate: $60

Tiller/cultivator 16″

16″ wide tiller/cultivator.

Daily Rate: $50