Our Recommended Wedding Rental Checklist

Everyone deserves a perfect wedding - and that's not an easy thing to produce. Weddings take months of planning and collaboration as you select venues, guests, food options and more.

Depending on your venue, odds are your party will be called upon to provide at least a few items for the occasion. To make things easy, we've collected a recommended wedding rental checklist for you right here, so you can keep what you might need in mind when you're hammering out the details. If you're in need of any of the items below, don't be afraid to contact Grand Rental Station for rental rates and information today.

Presentation Pieces and Staging

An archway or canopy adds an elegant touch to any wedding, and staging pieces can help keep the important couple more visible.

Our Presentation Pieces:

White Wicker Arch
Cape Winds Arch
Deluxe Canopy
Staging Rounds

Tables & Chairs

You're going to want to consider a number of different tables for your wedding reception, depending on its size and venue. Guest tables, a cake table, a head table, food tables and gift tables are all things you might want to consider, based on what you've got in mind for your perfect reception.

Naturally tables need chairs, and you should ensure that you've provided enough for all invited guests and then some.

Grand Rental Station offers an array of both tables and chairs. Consider:

Round Tables
Banquet Tables
Children's Tables
White Chairs
Ivory Chairs

Tableware and Serving Items

If your reception isn't being taken care of professionally, you may need to provide a variety of serving dishes and other related items. Chafing dishes, decorative pieces and other items can make your reception that much easier.

Chafing Dishes
Serving Trays
Food Warmers
Portable Bar Stations

Lighting and Other Accessories

To wrap things up, we recommend a number of lighting and accessory products that can help take your reception from standard to special. From lighting options to decorative options, these items can certainly take things up a notch.

Lighting Equipment